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Golf: official game rules briefly
Golf is known as a game for high society. In fact, this is a very popular sport, which is in demand among different segments of the population. The essence of the game…

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Cycling Freeride: official game rules briefly
Freeride is a certain style of cycling, which is represented by the same discipline in the cycling program. The name is borrowed from the English phrase “free ride”, which translates as…

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Rowing academic: official game rules briefly
Rowing is rightfully included in one of the most interesting and complex cyclic water sports. Its essence is that athletes must paddle in special boats, using only the muscles of their…

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Speed ​​skating: official game rules briefly

Speed ​​skating is a sports discipline that is included in the mandatory program of the Winter Olympics (OI). The goal of speed skating on ice is to quickly overcome the established distance in a vicious circle. Today, speed skating can be classic or in the form of a short track. Each type of discipline has its own requirements and nuances.

In order to learn how to understand speed skating and to successfully bet on relevant competitions in the future, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with their rules and the main “pitfalls” in detail. Continue reading

Discus: official game rules briefly

Discus throwing belongs to the category of athletics disciplines. The meaning of this sport is to throw at a range of a special projectile – the disk. This requires athletes to quickly coordinate their movements and excellent physical fitness.

Rules and requirements

Participants in official competitions must perform a throw from a circle with a diameter of 2.5 m. The throw distance is calculated from the outer circumference of the zone to the first point of the disc’s fall. The standard projectile weight for men is 2 kg, for women – 1 kg, for juniors – 1.5 kg. The diameter of the disc is 20 cm for men and 18 cm for women. Continue reading

Open water swimming: official game rules briefly

Swimming is a universal sport that is not only suitable for professionals, but also useful to all people. Competitions in this discipline involve overcoming various swimming distances in the least amount of time. Today, most tournaments are held in pools, but there are also swimming in open water. Its feature is speed sailing in water bodies that meet certain requirements.

FINA organizes international open water swimming tournaments. This International Swimming Federation was founded in June 1908 in London. Today its headquarters is located in Lausanne (Switzerland), and the organization itself includes more than 200 national federations of representative countries. In Europe, the European Swimming League (LEN) is coordinating the development of this discipline. Similar structures operate in each confederation. In Russia, the All-Russian Swimming Federation is engaged in popularizing open water swimming at a professional level. Continue reading

Long Jump: The Official Game Rules Briefly

Long jumps are a special kind of technical category of the athletics program, which refers to horizontal jumps. They require athletes to maximize jumping ability, mastery of their own body, developed muscular system, excellent coordination and sprinting qualities. Today, this sport is included in the program of the Olympic Games, where men and women can participate on equal terms.

For long jumps, an important point is the initial speed of running and pushing away. World-class male athletes can push off the board at speeds of up to 9.8 m / s. In women, this indicator is obviously lower, but only with general calculations. When repelled, the athlete’s ideal angle of flight to the horizon is 20 degrees. The center of mass heights should be in a relative normal position when walking 50-70 cm. Traditionally, athletes gain the highest speed in the last 3-4 steps of their run. Continue reading

Pole vaulting: official game rules briefly

Pole vaulting refers to the vertical technical form of athletics. In this sport, the jumper must pass over the bar with the help of a special pole, without overturning it. To date, pole vaults are included in the Olympic program and in the track and field athletics all-around among men and women. This is a very popular and recognizable discipline throughout the world.

Pole vaulting can be called the most extraordinary technical type of athletics, because to achieve the goal the athlete needs to use foreign objects. Professional jumpers must have endurance, a well-developed muscular system and undergo complete gymnastic training. Otherwise, they will not be able to claim high places in rating international tournaments. Continue reading

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