Handball: official game rules briefly
Handball is a team Olympic sport where matches are held with a special ball in the format of 7 for 7 players. The peculiarity of the game is that the…

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Premier League - the best tournament in Europe or a successful advertising company?
Among all the top European leagues, the English Premier League, the main football tournament in England, enjoys particular popularity and authority among fans. This is not only a sporting event,…

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Bobsleigh: official game rules briefly
Bobsleigh is on the list of the most famous and rated winter sports. This discipline is a descent from the mountain along a specially equipped ice track on a controlled…

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Kayaking and Canoeing: Official Game Rules Briefly

Kayaking and canoeing is one of the most popular types of rowing and is included in the main program of the Olympic Games. The largest competitions in this sport are held under the auspices of the ICF. The International Canoe Federation is the leading organization in the development of kayaking and canoeing. She is responsible for all official international competitions, including the World Cup, European and World Championships.

IKF headquarters is located in Lausanne. The canoe competition center is based there, which all national federations are subordinate to. For example, in Russia, the All-Russian Canoe and Kayak Federation is considered the representative of ICF. Continue reading

Decathlon: official game rules briefly

Decathlon is an independent track and field discipline, which includes competition in 10 types of athletics. This complex is today considered one of the most difficult in modern sport in the all-around category.

Traditionally, decathlon competitions are held in 2 competitive days. The final result of the participant is determined by the combination of his results in each discipline. Each type of athletics has its own point system. In calculating the final result, the number of points scored, and not the occupied places, is taken into account.

Decathlon tournaments are held only among men. In women, the heptathlon is considered an analogue of such competitions. Continue reading

Equestrian eventing: official rules of the game briefly

Equestrian eventing is a type of equestrian sport, the peculiarity of which is the combination of three separate disciplines:

  • riding arena;
  • cross country;
  • show jumping.

Each stage of the competition is traditionally held on different days. Participants must pass all trials on the same horses, therefore, endurance of an animal and a trainer are equally important in triathlon. On the first day there is a demonstration of horse discipline, on the second – its speed, endurance and jumping ability when overcoming barriers, the third day it checks the horse’s performance in difficult field conditions. Continue reading

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Long Jump: The Official Game Rules Briefly
Long jumps are a special kind of technical category of the athletics program, which refers to horizontal jumps. They require athletes to maximize jumping ability, mastery of their own body, developed…


Kudo: official game rules briefly
Kudo, aka diko juku, is a modern, full-contact martial art that is dynamic and versatile. The discipline is based on elements and traditions of judo, karate and Thai boxing. Kudo is developing…


Basketball: official game rules briefly
Basketball is a team sport in which players throw the ball with their hands into the opponent’s basket. In a duel, 2 teams of 5 field players compete, and the…


Boxing: official game rules briefly
Boxing is a contact sport that belongs to the category of martial arts. The essence of discipline is inflicting punches with special gloves on the opponent. The name of this…