Basketball: official game rules briefly
Basketball is a team sport in which players throw the ball with their hands into the opponent’s basket. In a duel, 2 teams of 5 field players compete, and the…

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Decathlon: official game rules briefly
Decathlon is an independent track and field discipline, which includes competition in 10 types of athletics. This complex is today considered one of the most difficult in modern sport in the…

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Premier League - the best tournament in Europe or a successful advertising company?
Among all the top European leagues, the English Premier League, the main football tournament in England, enjoys particular popularity and authority among fans. This is not only a sporting event,…

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Equestrian eventing: official rules of the game briefly

Equestrian eventing is a type of equestrian sport, the peculiarity of which is the combination of three separate disciplines:

  • riding arena;
  • cross country;
  • show jumping.

Each stage of the competition is traditionally held on different days. Participants must pass all trials on the same horses, therefore, endurance of an animal and a trainer are equally important in triathlon. On the first day there is a demonstration of horse discipline, on the second – its speed, endurance and jumping ability when overcoming barriers, the third day it checks the horse’s performance in difficult field conditions. Continue reading

Karate: official game rules briefly

Karate (karate-do) is a Japanese martial art, which is a unique system of combining defense and attack techniques. The name of the discipline translates as “empty hand.” It was approved in 1935. Later, the ending “before” was added to the name, which from the Japanese language means “road”, “direction”. Thus, the full name of this martial art can be translated as the “path of the empty hand” of a fighter in philosophical understanding. In this context, the road to self-improvement of the mind and body is meant.

Styles and Directions

Today, experts identify 3 areas of karate: Continue reading

Cycling Freeride: official game rules briefly

Freeride is a certain style of cycling, which is represented by the same discipline in the cycling program. The name is borrowed from the English phrase “free ride”, which translates as “free ride”. Modern freeriding involves cycling along difficult natural and artificial tracks with many different obstacles.

For successful movement, the rider needs special technical training and a special bike. Nevertheless, this sport is suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

Freeride tournaments are held without the intervention of the International Cycling Union. Today, the largest competitions in this discipline are financed by well-known companies that produce sports equipment, gear, bicycles and traditionally are sponsors of major international tournaments in various sports. The more impressive the prize pool of the championship, the higher its prestige. However, there is no need to talk about any systematic nature. The holding of freeride championships is entirely dependent on the priorities and desire of the sponsors. Continue reading

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Football pressure: target, zone, cyclic, group
Pressure - single or collective actions, the purpose of which is to regain control of the ball or create difficulties for the opponent in the development of the attack. The…


Cycling: official game rules briefly
Cycling is a combination of sports disciplines related to cycling at certain distances. Today, cycling includes many subspecies, for example, race on the track and highway, mountain races, competitions on…


Obstacle race: official game rules briefly
Obstacle race, also known as steeplechase, is a difficult running track and field discipline, which refers to the average distance of 3000 meters. It is such a distance to the…


Long-distance running: the official rules of the game briefly
Long-distance running is a combination of running athletics disciplines at different distances. Depending on the tournament regulations, the distance for running can be 3000 meters, and 5000, and more. Races…