Rowing academic: official game rules briefly
Rowing is rightfully included in one of the most interesting and complex cyclic water sports. Its essence is that athletes must paddle in special boats, using only the muscles of their…

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Judo: official game rules briefly
Judo is a type of Japanese martial arts without weapons, which represents a whole philosophical trend. Literally, the name can be translated as “soft path” or “flexible path”. The rules and principles…

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The origin and development of the principles of "fair play"
Any sports are attracted by the sincere desire of the participants to win. Football was no exception. The most popular team game is simply replete with emotions, uncompromising struggle and…

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the standardization

Pole vaulting: official game rules briefly

Pole vaulting refers to the vertical technical form of athletics. In this sport, the jumper must pass over the bar with the help of a special pole, without overturning it. To date, pole vaults are included in the Olympic program and in the track and field athletics all-around among men and women. This is a very popular and recognizable discipline throughout the world.

Pole vaulting can be called the most extraordinary technical type of athletics, because to achieve the goal the athlete needs to use foreign objects. Professional jumpers must have endurance, a well-developed muscular system and undergo complete gymnastic training. Otherwise, they will not be able to claim high places in rating international tournaments. Continue reading

Grappling: official game rules briefly

Grappling is a fighting technique that does not include the use of weapons and striking. To date, there are two versions of the full definition of this discipline:

  1. This is a melee style using grips, which is the exact opposite of striking techniques such as boxing, kickboxing, etc.
  2. This is a kind of martial arts, which combines the technique of all effective wrestling disciplines.

In both cases, we are talking about wrestling fights with minimal restrictions in terms of asphyxiation and painful techniques. The goal of grappling is positional dominance over an opponent. For successful receptions and throws, wrestlers receive points, on the basis of which a victory is awarded to one of them. Continue reading

Kudo: official game rules briefly

Kudo, aka diko juku, is a modern, full-contact martial art that is dynamic and versatile. The discipline is based on elements and traditions of judo, karate and Thai boxing. Kudo is developing rapidly, not only in Asia and Russia, but also around the world.

Basic Rules

Official kudo competitions are held in 3 age categories:

  • boys and girls (12 to 15 years old);
  • junior rank (from 16 to 17 years old);
  • men and women (18 years and older).

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Equestrian eventing: official rules of the game briefly
Equestrian eventing is a type of equestrian sport, the peculiarity of which is the combination of three separate disciplines: riding arena; cross country; show jumping. Each stage of the competition…


Speed ​​skating: official game rules briefly
Speed ​​skating is a sports discipline that is included in the mandatory program of the Winter Olympics (OI). The goal of speed skating on ice is to quickly overcome the established…


Volleyball: official rules of the game briefly
Volleyball belongs to the category of team sports. The essence of the game is the confrontation of two teams in a special area, which is divided by a grid. Opponents must direct…


Fight: official game rules briefly
Wrestling is classified as martial arts. The competition is a hand-to-hand fight between two athletes who are trying to knock each other off their feet. The participant of the fight…