Official game

Fight: official game rules briefly
Wrestling is classified as martial arts. The competition is a hand-to-hand fight between two athletes who are trying to knock each other off their feet. The participant of the fight…

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Bowling: official game rules briefly
Bowling is a popular sports game known throughout the world. Its name comes from the English word "bowl", which means "roll" in translation. The goal of the game is to…

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Kudo: official game rules briefly
Kudo, aka diko juku, is a modern, full-contact martial art that is dynamic and versatile. The discipline is based on elements and traditions of judo, karate and Thai boxing. Kudo is developing…

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Long-distance running: the official rules of the game briefly

Long-distance running is a combination of running athletics disciplines at different distances. Depending on the tournament regulations, the distance for running can be 3000 meters, and 5000, and more. Races are often arranged on the highway so that athletes do not wind hundreds of laps around the stadium field. All official competitions in this discipline are organized by the IAAF. Only commercial and charitable private tournaments can be considered an exception.

Kinds of long-distance running
To date, experts distinguish some of the most popular categories of styer running at international Continue reading

Baseball: official game rules briefly

Baseball is a popular team game with a ball and a bat, where two teams compete in a match. The name of the discipline comes from the two English words “base” and “ball”, which translates as “base” and “ball”, respectively.

Today, baseball is especially in demand in the United States, Cuba, Venezuela, as well as in Japan, South Korea and China. National teams of these countries are always considered the main favorites of any international tournaments.

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Football pressure: target, zone, cyclic, group

Pressure – single or collective actions, the purpose of which is to regain control of the ball or create difficulties for the opponent in the development of the attack.

The following types of pressure are distinguished:

Almost every pressure can be called “target”. The actions of a team or an individual player with this selection option are focused on returning the ball and creating maximum discomfort for the opponent. Continue reading

Premier League – the best tournament in Europe or a successful advertising company?

Among all the top European leagues, the English Premier League, the main football tournament in England, enjoys particular popularity and authority among fans. This is not only a sporting event, but also a bright and presentable event that attracts the attention of millions of viewers around the world and a huge number of sponsors.

The Premier League today is considered the richest league in the world, which does not seem strange, given how much financial resources flow into the country’s football clubs from year to year. In many ways, it is the financial side of the issue that makes all teams (regardless of their level) fight for the highest places. The Continue reading

The origin and development of the principles of “fair play”

Any sports are attracted by the sincere desire of the participants to win. Football was no exception. The most popular team game is simply replete with emotions, uncompromising struggle and the desire to win. However, often the desire to win outweighs such important concepts as honesty, respect for the opponent, etc. Winning at any cost does not bring proper understanding or admiration in society. It is important for an athlete or team to always keep their face and be a good role model. Continue reading

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Long Jump: The Official Game Rules Briefly
Long jumps are a special kind of technical category of the athletics program, which refers to horizontal jumps. They require athletes to maximize jumping ability, mastery of their own body, developed…


Rowing academic: official game rules briefly
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Alpine skiing: the official rules of the game in brief
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Boxing: official game rules briefly
Boxing is a contact sport that belongs to the category of martial arts. The essence of discipline is inflicting punches with special gloves on the opponent. The name of this…