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Short-distance running: the official rules of the game briefly
Track and field running in athletics is called sprinting. Competitions take place mainly on the track of the stadium. Classic sprint distances - up to 400 meters. The Olympic program…

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Kudo: official game rules briefly
Kudo, aka diko juku, is a modern, full-contact martial art that is dynamic and versatile. The discipline is based on elements and traditions of judo, karate and Thai boxing. Kudo is developing…

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BMX freestyle: official game rules briefly
Freestyle BMX is today considered one of the most developing extreme disciplines in the world. The essence of the competition lies in performing various tricks on special BMX class bikes. Currently, tournaments…

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Darts: official game rules briefly

Darts is a whole complex of games whose goal is to throw darts at a round target on the wall. Do not confuse with other games where you need to throw other objects at different targets, including dynamic ones. Today, darts is a standardized game with specific rules and inventory requirements.

Darts is considered a national game in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Scandinavia and the USA. It is mainly distributed in gaming establishments and pubs, which makes it accessible to all segments of the population. Currently, you can easily find and buy a set of targets and darts to practice safely at home. Many professional gamblers quit darts in a garage or pub as real darts experts. Continue reading

Alpine skiing slalom: official game rules briefly

Slalom is one of the main disciplines of skiing, which is included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games. Its name comes from the Norwegian word “slalam”, which translates as “ski track on a slope.” The essence of classic slalom is the descent from the mountain along the track on special skis.

All international competitions in this discipline are supervised by the International Ski Federation (FIS). In addition, she is responsible for amending and approving new skiing regulations. The foundation date of the federation is 1924. At first, the FIS headquarters was located in France, but then was moved to Switzerland. Today, the organization includes over 120 national and regional alpine skiing federations. Continue reading

Kayaking and Canoeing: Official Game Rules Briefly

Kayaking and canoeing is one of the most popular types of rowing and is included in the main program of the Olympic Games. The largest competitions in this sport are held under the auspices of the ICF. The International Canoe Federation is the leading organization in the development of kayaking and canoeing. She is responsible for all official international competitions, including the World Cup, European and World Championships.

IKF headquarters is located in Lausanne. The canoe competition center is based there, which all national federations are subordinate to. For example, in Russia, the All-Russian Canoe and Kayak Federation is considered the representative of ICF. Continue reading

Grappling: official game rules briefly

Grappling is a fighting technique that does not include the use of weapons and striking. To date, there are two versions of the full definition of this discipline:

  1. This is a melee style using grips, which is the exact opposite of striking techniques such as boxing, kickboxing, etc.
  2. This is a kind of martial arts, which combines the technique of all effective wrestling disciplines.

In both cases, we are talking about wrestling fights with minimal restrictions in terms of asphyxiation and painful techniques. The goal of grappling is positional dominance over an opponent. For successful receptions and throws, wrestlers receive points, on the basis of which a victory is awarded to one of them. Continue reading

Decathlon: official game rules briefly

Decathlon is an independent track and field discipline, which includes competition in 10 types of athletics. This complex is today considered one of the most difficult in modern sport in the all-around category.

Traditionally, decathlon competitions are held in 2 competitive days. The final result of the participant is determined by the combination of his results in each discipline. Each type of athletics has its own point system. In calculating the final result, the number of points scored, and not the occupied places, is taken into account.

Decathlon tournaments are held only among men. In women, the heptathlon is considered an analogue of such competitions. Continue reading

Baseball: official game rules briefly
Baseball is a popular team game with a ball and a bat, where two teams compete in a match. The name of the discipline comes from the two English words…


Discus: official game rules briefly
Discus throwing belongs to the category of athletics disciplines. The meaning of this sport is to throw at a range of a special projectile - the disk. This requires athletes to quickly…


Golf: official game rules briefly
Golf is known as a game for high society. In fact, this is a very popular sport, which is in demand among different segments of the population. The essence of the game…


Cycling Freeride: official game rules briefly
Freeride is a certain style of cycling, which is represented by the same discipline in the cycling program. The name is borrowed from the English phrase “free ride”, which translates as…