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Golf: official game rules briefly

Golf is known as a game for high society. In fact, this is a very popular sport, which is in demand among different segments of the population. The essence of the game is to hit the ball first in special holes with the help of club clubs. At the same time, the competitors try to cover the distance for the minimum number of strokes.

Today, this sport is played even in space. The first astronaut to strike the ball first with a club on the lunar surface in 1971 was American Alan Shepard. During the first strike, he missed, but on the second attempt he hit the ball, which, due to the specific attraction of the satellite, flew several kilometers. However, many experts believe that there was no such expedition called Apollo 14, so it is entirely possible that this is all fiction.

But classic golf has several modifications at once, which have become widespread in different countries. A vivid example is minigolf. A distinctive feature of this modification is the presence of a large number of natural and artificial obstacles on the way to the hole (tunnels, labyrinths, stones, gutters, mechanical lifts, etc.).

Golf course

The classic official competition venue consists of a series of holes. Each of them has its own launch pad, which is marked by two marks. They limit the area where the peg for the projectile can be installed. Smooth and uneven sections of the field, as well as all kinds of obstacles, are considered part of the playing field. The final hole is additionally marked with a flag so that it can be seen from afar.

Holes should be located on the green lawn, which differs from other sections of the site with grass of minimum height. Most of the holes are in direct view of the athletes from start to green. Some deviations to the left or right side are allowed due to the peculiarity of the relief. Such holes are called doglegs. If the direction to the hole is bent twice, then it is customary to call it double Dogleg.

The classic golf course at international tournaments has 9 or 18 holes. In the first case, the participants of the competition need to pass the path twice (2 rounds), and in the second one circle.

If the site is located on the coast and has a sandy natural base, then it is called a link.

Inventory requirements

The main projectile in golf is balls. They are small in size, and their surface is covered with dimples (dimpals). Pits are needed to give the ball the best aerodynamics. Professional golfers specifically aim at a specific dimpal so that the ball receives a specific flight direction.

The pits not only reduce the oscillation of the projectile, but also enhance the effect of twisting the ball upon impact. However, this design of the ball has its drawbacks. If the club does not hit the center of the dimp, then the projectile is likely to deviate from the desired course.

Before hitting the ball, it is mounted on a plastic or wooden stand called tee. The blow itself is performed by one of several types of clubs. By the way, in the set of one athlete should not be more than 14 clubs. This includes:

  • Iron (Iron). A light club with a spade-shaped head for aiming a blow at the ball over short distances. The angle of inclination of the plane is 15-45 degrees. These clubs are distinguished by numbers. The larger the number, the greater the angle of the impact plane with respect to the horizon. The impact distance averages from 70 to 150 m.
  • Wedge Light club with an angle of the plane of impact from 45 to 64 degrees. Its task is to knock the ball out of sand or grass with a canopy over short distances.
  • Wood Massive club with a large head and an angle of the impact plane of 7-15 degrees. With this stick, the ball is traditionally brought into play. It helps to send a projectile at a distance of 300 m.
  • Putter (Putter). A club with a L-shaped head for playing on the green and performing rolling strokes to roll the ball into the hole.

Basic terminology

Before considering the rules of golf, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic terms that are used in official competitions:

  • Fairway. Smooth, smoothly trimmed part of the lawn with medium-length grass.
  • Rough. Plot with tall grass, which is located next to the green or fairway.
  • Patt. The application of a light blow on the green in order to roll the ball into the hole.
  • Green The rounded part of the short grass area where the hole is located.
  • Swing. The movement of the club, which consists of a swing, swing and hit the ball.
  • Slice. Twisted side kick with the club’s open head, in which the ball spins strongly in one direction.
  • Drive. Beat from the start area with a special club.
  • Fade A kind of slice, but with a less twisted arc of the ball.
  • Hook. Side impact with a closed club head.
  • Pitch. A strong hit with a ball jump, which is performed from an average distance from the edge of the green.
  • Draw. Twisted hit on a straight path (light hook).
  • Chip. A light hit with a weak ball bounce, which is performed from a close distance from the edge of the green.
  • Par. The number of strokes for which, according to the regulations, an athlete must pass a hole.
  • Caddy Assistant player who must carry sports equipment. Has the right to help the athlete with advice.
  • Hol-in-one. Hit the hole with a tee (stand).

Golf rules

In each batch, the participant must go through a specific number of holes in a specific order. On the site there are obstacles such as sand bunkers, water barriers, trees, shrubs, tall grass.


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