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Badminton: official game rules briefly

Badminton is the official sports discipline, which since 1992 has been included in the program of the Olympic Games. The essence of the game is to throw the shuttlecock through the net to the opponent’s half of the court with racket hits. At the same time, athletes seek to direct the projectile so that it falls in the playing area of ​​the enemy. In official competitions, either two players or two pairs compete (mixed categories are allowed).

Badminton was first talked about in the 19th century, when the British who served in India became seriously interested in the local national game called Pune. She is rightly considered the prototype of the modern badminton formation. Having brought the game with them to the British Isle, the British began to gradually cultivate it, perfecting the rules for the sake of convenience and entertainment.

In 1873, the Duke of Beaufort designed the first specialized badminton court. Today this place is known as the old Badminton House. After 20 years, the Badminton Association of England published the first game regulation, which formed the basis of the set of rules of the World Badminton Federation (BWF).

The game became widespread in the mid-1930s just after the formation of the BWF. In 1947, the first major men’s team tournament was held – the Thomas Cup. Women’s international competitions began to be regularly held only in 1955. The first large-scale tournament among the fair sex was the legendary Uber Cup.

Playground and equipment
The badminton game is traditionally held on a rectangular platform, 13.4 meters long and 5.18 meters wide. In doubles, only the court width increases to 6.10 meters. The standard net height at the supports is 1.55 meters. It should be stretched. so that the height of the mesh with a sagging in the center is at the level of 1.52 m. Additionally, the mesh on top is limited to an 8-centimeter ribbon doubled in width.

The markings on the field are applied with bright yellow or white paint and are considered part of the corresponding zone. The only exception is the feed line, which is forbidden to step on. It is located at a distance of 1.98 m from the grid on both sides of the site. The feed zone is limited by the back line, side lines and feed line.

BWF rules also define specific inventory requirements:

Initially, racquets were made from strong wood to be lightweight and comfortable. Today, the technology of manufactured shells has changed significantly. Rackets are made from a combination of aluminum, titanium, steel and carbon fiber. Thanks to its durable materials, the projectile can withstand any string tension and severe impact loads. The weight of the racket should be in the range from 70 to 100 g. Also, racquets before official tournaments are checked for compliance with the requirements for the center of gravity, bending of the gadfly, the stiffness of the rod, etc. The handle should be wrapped with “flu” – special material to ensure the best control of the capture of the projectile.

The strings.
Modern strings are made from synthetic materials and are a weave of microfibers from a braid, core and sheath. The tension force of the strings for professionals reaches 160 N, when for lovers this characteristic is about 80-100 N. The diameter of the string is 0.6-0.8 mm. One racket on average takes about 10 m of string. First, it is passed through special holes in the rim and interwoven with each other, and then subsequently pulled in accordance with the requirements of BWF.

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Today you can distinguish plastic and feather shuttlecocks. The former are recommended for amateurs and for training, as they are more durable. In official competitions, only natural shuttlecocks are used, with the specified brand and series. A plastic shell consists of a synthetic head and a plastic “skirt”. Feather shuttlecocks are made of cork head covered in husk leather and 16 goose feathers tied with thread. The mass of a professional shuttlecock is 5.5 g.

The basic rules of the game
In badminton, serve is made from an even or odd feed zone. Points are awarded in each draw. The game is played up to 21 points. If at the end the score is 20:20, then the game continues until the difference is 2 points on one side or up to 30 points. In doubles, each team is given one serve, not two, as was the case with the old rules.

The most difficult kind of badminton is considered to be a pair game. There are many more rules and restrictions. An athlete who is standing diagonally from the server must accept the serve. In the further drawing of the projectile, all four players can participate. If the serving side won the point, then the same athlete continues to serve, but from a different serving area. In this case, the alignment of the host team should not change until she wins the point on her serve.

A player is the winner of a projectile if:

The shuttlecock touched the opponent’s field.
Shuttlecock hit the opponent touched the ceiling or other objects.

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