Pole vaulting: official game rules briefly
Pole vaulting refers to the vertical technical form of athletics. In this sport, the jumper must pass over the bar with the help of a special pole, without overturning it. To date,…

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Curling: official game rules briefly
Curling is a team sport that takes place on an ice field. Two teams compete in the duel, the participants of which must launch special heavy granite shells along the ice…

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Rowing academic: official game rules briefly
Rowing is rightfully included in one of the most interesting and complex cyclic water sports. Its essence is that athletes must paddle in special boats, using only the muscles of their…

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Free-style wrestling: official rules of the game briefly

Freestyle wrestling is an independent sports discipline, the essence of which is the martial arts of two athletes according to certain rules. In this type of struggle, it is allowed to apply the techniques of captures, upheavals, throws, sweeps. The athlete’s task is to put the opponent on the shoulder blades. Freestyle wrestling is characterized by a large number of permitted tricks, for example, by capturing the opponent’s legs.

Wrestlers of this style should stand out with physical strength and flexibility. It is very important for professional athletes to be able to make a gymnastic “bridge” when only the forehead, arms and heels of the athlete touch the carpets. In this case, the back will be bent in an arc, therefore, the opponent will not be able to put the athlete on the shoulder blades. To develop such flexibility, freestyle wrestlers use such acrobatic exercises as a wheel, somersaults, rondat, a handstand, somersaults, etc.

Great success in this type of martial arts is achieved only by athletes with strong elastic joints. Naturally, no wrestler can do without serious baggage of technical skills that are practiced on a mannequin and sparring with partners. Endurance is the third important quality for any professional freestyle wrestler after flexibility and skill. Long-distance running and some contact sports, such as rugby, help to develop it.

As for physical strength, it is rather an addition to the acrobatic-technical arsenal of athletes. Wrestlers develop it on the crossbar, parallel bars, deadlift, squats, bench press, work with a harness.

General rules
The fight between two freestyle wrestlers traditionally lasts 3 periods of 2.5 minutes. After each period, a winner is announced. The wrestler who won 2 periods will be recognized as the winner of the match. If he won twice in a row in the first two rounds, then the third is not held. Such a clear victory in the struggle is called a “carcass”.

Fights in freestyle wrestling are always carried out on a special wrestling carpet, which should be square with a side of 12 m. Today, a vinyl-coated mat is used as the so-called carpet. Its thickness is at least 4 cm. The fight is conducted in the competition zone, which is limited to a yellow circle with a diameter of 9 m. In the center of this circle an additional small central circle of red color is indicated. Its diameter is about 1 m.

Opponents must return to the red circle after stopping the fight, or when placing one of the fighters in the position of the stalls. The main actions should take place in the 8-meter competition zone. Outside, there is a red strip 1 m wide, which represents a passivity zone.

At the beginning of the fight, wrestlers should not have a long beard. The outfit is a wrestling leotard, the set of which includes wrestling clothes of blue or red color (determined by lot). Mixing the colors of tights is prohibited. In some tournaments, wrestlers are allowed to have the sponsor logo on their clothing.

The main goal of the shoe is to provide maximum ankle protection. It is forbidden to use shoes with heels, with spikes, buckles and any metal elements. If there are laces on it, then they should be hidden behind Velcro. The shoes of wrestlers are always carefully checked by assistant judges. In rare cases, athletes are allowed to use special protective headphones without hard elements.

Rules of warfare
Free-style wrestling tournaments are served by a panel of judges, which should include:

carpet leader;
side judge.
The panel of judges is responsible for monitoring the progress of the bouts, evaluating the technical techniques conducted by the rivals, observing the rules of the fight and safety, and counting the time of the fight. All actions and assessments of athletes are noted in the minutes of a specific meeting.

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If a wrestler holds a reception, which is judged by the judges at 5 points, then he is automatically declared the winner of this period, despite the current score. A similar victory in the period is awarded to a fighter for 2 receptions of 3 points. If, according to the results of the period, the score turns out to be equal, for example, 1-1 or 3-3, then the winner is determined by the last score. Whose score at the end of the round was greater, he wins the period. All this is aimed at ensuring that opponents act as actively and spectacularly in the attack.

A freestyle wrestling can be won in one of the following ways:

on the “carcass” (a clear victory in the first 2 rounds);
by the number of points;
for technical superiority;
with injury to the enemy;
in case of disqualification of an opponent;
for the non-appearance of the opponent to the fight.
The fight will be stopped and resumed in the center of the carpet, in the red zone, in the following cases:

one athlete’s foot is completely in the protective zone;
when fighting in the stalls, the head of the lower wrestler completely touches the protective zone;
rivals in a capture without taking the move are in the red zone with three or four legs (in a static position);

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