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Billiards is a board game that has a number of variations with its own rules. A characteristic feature of billiard games is the movement of balls on a special table with the help of cues. The goal of party members depends on the rules, but often they need to drive the ball into the pocket (hole in the table). The room for the game is called a billiard room. It should be equipped with professional tables, have all the necessary equipment and soft bright lighting over the playing area.

The main governing body in this area is the World Confederation of Billiard Sports, formed in Switzerland in 1992. She is engaged in the development of almost all types of billiards and organizes rating tournaments. The rest of the popularization of the game involved in regional federations and unions.

Pyramid rules
In some countries, this variety is called Russian billiards, since it began to develop just on the territory of Russia in the 18th century. In the days of the USSR, the pyramid included several official disciplines at once (dynamic, free, classical, combined, etc.), but today only a few remain in demand.

The pyramid differs from other billiards in relatively large balls with a diameter of 6.8 cm and a weight of 285 g. All balls are numbered from 1 to 15, and the cue ball is always painted yellow or dark red. Shells are traditionally made from phenol-aldehyde resin.

The tables for the pyramid are covered with green cloth and sizes from 8 to 12 feet in diagonal. The length of the playing field of the largest table is 3.55 m, width is 1.77 m, the smallest is 2.24 by 1.12 m. 12-foot tables are often used in official tournaments. The playing field has a marking, which is represented by the middle mark and the middle line parallel to the short sides. The line of the house passes through the front mark, and through the back – the line for setting the balls.

The most popular modern type of pyramid is considered to be “American” or just a free pyramid. At the starting position, using the triangle, 15 white balls are set, and the cue ball is allowed to be placed at any place within the home zone. After breaking the pyramid, you can choose any ball as a cue ball. The right move passes after an opponent misses. If a player improperly wins, doesn’t hit a ball on another ball or knocks a ball off the table, then the opponent can set the ball that has flown out or driven out to any position and also remove it from the game. The winner is the one who first drove 8 balls into the pockets.

Also considered a combined pyramid (“Moscow”). The difference from the “American” is the game with only one ball.

Snooker rules
Today, this discipline is considered the most famous in the world of billiards. The first international tournaments were held in the British Empire, but snooker gained wide popularity in the late 1970s. Today, dozens of major international competitions with an impressive prize pool are held on this variety of billiards, and most of them are broadcast on the leading sports channels of different countries.

The aim of the game is to throw balls into the pockets and get the maximum number of points to your account. Snooker is considered an intellectual game, as experienced players always calculate all the actions a few moves ahead. The fact is that scoring one ball in a pocket is not enough. After that, it is very important to correctly set the cue ball for the next blow. Only high skill allows players to build long series of productive hits.

The main difference between snooker and other billiards is the size of the table and the geometry of the paws of the pockets, which require a different technique of hitting balls.

In the initial position on the table are 15 red balls, installed in the form of a pyramid, and 6 colored balls, which are located at a certain point. A white ball is considered cue ball. Players need to successively hammer colored and red balls into the pockets. As long as red balls remain on the table, the scored colored balls return to their positions.

The player who scored the most points wins the game. If there is a draw, then an extra frame with a black ball is played. The referee tossing a coin decides which opponent will hit first. A black ball is always set in the middle between the marks of black and pink, and the cue ball is near the far side.

Pool rules
The term “pool” from the French language means “bank”, “bet”. An alternative name for the discipline is American billiards.

For official competitions, tables are used with a playing surface of 2.54 by 1.27 m and a height of 74.3 to 78.7 cm, which are distinguished by relatively wide pockets. The pool table is covered with an omnidirectional fabric that does not form villi and consists of combed wool and nylon.

The weight of the cue for the game is limited only to a maximum – up to 708.75 g. Its length can be from 1.02 m or more. The sticker is traditionally made of leather or other plastic material that is able to continue the natural profile of the shaft.

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