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American Football: The Official Game Rules Briefly

American football is one of the most spectacular and contact team sports on the planet. According to the rules of the game, two teams take part in the match, which should include 11 players each. The projectile for the game is a special rectangular ball. American football matches are held on the field, which is divided into game and points zones. The team receives points either for advancing the ball into the opponent’s points zone, or scoring it in a special goal behind this zone. The winner is the one who, after the allotted time has turned out to have more points.

Today, American football is considered to be something adjacent between classic football and rugby, but with significant “modifications”. This sport is one of the most popular in North America. That is why the most successful and reputable league – the NFL (National Football League) thrives here.

American football has gained its popularity due to its high speeds and rigidity on the field. No wonder he is one of the five most traumatic sports in the world. Almost all active players during the season receive several concussions and injuries of varying severity of limbs and spine. During a fierce struggle, rivals collide with their heads and body every minute, which often leads to a chronic form of traumatic encephalopathy.

Scientists have calculated that in a collision on the field, players experience the same stress on the body as in a car accident. To alleviate the fate of football players and protect them from frequent serious injuries, they are supposed to wear special protective equipment. Otherwise, it is a very exciting and intriguing sport that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Field requirements
The length of the rectangular field is 120 yards or 110 meters, and the width is 53.3 cores (about 49 meters). On both sides of the field are 10-yard spectacle zones that are 100 yards apart. The eyeglass zone is limited by the goal line and field boundaries.

For beginners, this kind of sport is the most difficult to understand marking the field. On it across lines are drawn every 5 yards. At the same time, every 10 yards are numbered from 10 to 50. These values ​​show the distance to the alien point zone. They are designed to help teams and spectators navigate faster in the distance to the touchdown (the position of the ball in someone else’s spectacle zone).

On both sides of the field on the front lines there are gates that are significantly different from the classic ones in football or hockey. They are turned upside down and are high rods with a crossbar between them. To score a goal at this goal, you need to get the ball between the bars over the crossbar. The distance between the posts is 5.7 m. Often the gates are held on one support, 3 meters long.

Players and match duration
11 players from each team can run across the field at the same time. In the match, substitutions of up to 53 players in regular time are allowed. In addition, roles are strictly divided between players:

attack team;
defense team;
special team.
The match lasts 4 periods of 15 minutes. If the ball has left the field, then the game stops. Also, according to the rules of American football, a match stops when the shell passes to another team, there was a violation, points were earned or a timeout was taken. If, at the end of the main quarters, the score is drawn, an overtime is assigned until the first point scored.

Ball Promotion Rules
In American football, the game consists of moments. At the beginning of each of them, the ball is placed in the place where the previous episode ended. The attacking team receives 4 attempts (down) to advance the ball 10 yards forward to the opponent’s points. If the team owning the projectile cannot pass the specified distance, then the ball goes to the opponent, and he already starts the attack from the line where the previous attack of the opponents ended.

The ball should be fed into the game by throwing back between the legs (snape). The exception is only the beginning of the game and the third quarter of the match, as well as rallies after touchdowns. Before the start of the playing moment, the players of both teams must line up opposite each other along the line where the projectile is located. The central player must first give the ball to his team quarterback.

Teams have the right to promote the projectile in the following ways:

running with the ball in his hands;
reshuffle between members of one team (the number of transfers is unlimited).
The game moment ends if:

the player with the ball was knocked to the ground;
after a pass, the projectile touches the ground without reaching the player;
the player with the ball went out of bounds;
the ball flew out of bounds of the field;
the opponent earned points.
Points Rules
A team can earn points as follows:

Touchdown. For him, the team receives 6 points. You can talk about touchdown only when the player with the ball ran into someone else’s points zone, or received a pass in it. In this case, the projectile must be in the hands of the player and completely cross the line of the spectacle zone.
Field goal. It means a goal in goal, which gives 3 points. Goal must be scored by foot.

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