Grappling: official game rules briefly
Grappling is a fighting technique that does not include the use of weapons and striking. To date, there are two versions of the full definition of this discipline: This is a…

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Boxing: official game rules briefly
Boxing is a contact sport that belongs to the category of martial arts. The essence of discipline is inflicting punches with special gloves on the opponent. The name of this…

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Fight: official game rules briefly

Wrestling is classified as martial arts. The competition is a hand-to-hand fight between two athletes who are trying to knock each other off their feet. The participant of the fight is a wrestler. The goal of the wrestlers depends on the type of struggle. In each of them, fights are held according to certain rules. Opponents often need to either put their opponent on the shoulder blades, or perform one of the permissible tricks. The practical goal of discipline is self-defense.

Wrestling is considered a contact and traumatic sport. During the fight, rivals conduct painful and asphyxiating tricks, which often lead to serious damage. The rules limit the actions of fighters, but this does not save from injuries even in training. From other martial arts, the struggle is distinguished by the lack of striking techniques.

Types of wrestling
The fighting technique is influenced by the complex of prohibited and permitted techniques, methods of achieving victory, equipment of athletes, duration of the fight and other factors. The essence of victory is the main goal of any fighter. Depending on the types of struggle, several ways to achieve victory are distinguished:

touching the opponent with the shoulder blades of the carpet;
touching the carpet with any part of the body;
going beyond the combat zone (beyond the limit line);
falling opponent on the back;
victory by points (judges score);
pain or asphyxiation;
technical victory;
victory by disqualification of the opponent, etc.
Draws in the fight are extremely rare. As for the requirements for equipment, here wrestlers are allowed kimonos, wrestling jackets, robes, belts, etc.

Classification of the types of wrestling in the stance (stalls) by the methods of achieving victory:

Fighting without grabs below the waist and kicking. Example: Russian wrestling, trynte.
Fighting without grabs below the waist, but with footwork. Example: Chidaoba, Koch.
Fighting grabs below the waist and legs. Example: sumo, schwingen.
The fight against seizures, footwork, asphyxiation and painful techniques. Example: grappling, judo.
Fighting grabs and footwork in the stalls. Example: koshti, freestyle wrestling.
Fight against captures, actions with legs, painful techniques. Example: Sambo.
Fighting without kicking and holding on the ground. Example: Greco-Roman wrestling.
Comprehensive Rules
Each discipline has its own rules and nuances, however, there are cross-cutting requirements for official competitions. Traditionally, the fight ends if one of the wrestlers wins on points, by taking or touching the opponent’s carpet. The judges have the right to stop the fight with a technical victory if the athlete has been in a passive position for a long time and does not meet the dominant opponent. Early battle may result in the disqualification of a fighter for serious violations of the rules.

In professional wrestling is prohibited:

Perform painful techniques and actions that are contrary to the rules of the fight.
Apply techniques that threaten the life of the enemy.
Grasp the carpet.
Press on the stomach with a knee or elbow.
Talk during a duel.
Agree in advance on the outcome of the bout.
Grab the opponent by the sole of the foot.
Apply sticky or greasy substances to the body.
Have items that could cause injury to the opponent (bracelets, rings, prostheses, earrings, etc.).
If the fight has moved to a “neutral position”, then the judge has the right to interrupt it, spreading opponents in different directions of the carpet. The coach can challenge the decision of the judge by an official appeal to the board after the bout.

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Fighting techniques
The technique of this type of martial arts is a complex of technical actions aimed at dominating and achieving victory over an opponent. The main differences between the most common techniques are:

Greco-Roman wrestling. A feature is considered to be frequent transfers to the stalls by stalling, throwing, diving, jerking, spinning. Throws are allowed with tilt, deflection and rotation. In the stalls any transitions and rolls are allowed.
Freestyle wrestling. It features signature throws over the shoulders and deflection. In the stalls throws and upheavals are allowed, which can be done by running, twisting, from rolling, turning, rolling.
Judo. Differs in a huge number of all kinds of throws and tricks of the fight lying. Throws can be made from the rack, in attack, in the fall. Judokas always in the struggle focus on arms and legs. Grips are made for the lower back and hips. Retention, strangulation, and pain techniques are allowed.
Sambo. Throws by hands are designed to bring an opponent out of balance, divided into shocks, jerks and twisting. Allowed kicks: sweeps, steps, grabs, hooks, tackles, throws over the head. Throws through the thigh, back and chest are also allowed deflection. In the stalls it is allowed to fight with grips and painful techniques on the arms and legs.

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