The origin and development of the principles of "fair play"
Any sports are attracted by the sincere desire of the participants to win. Football was no exception. The most popular team game is simply replete with emotions, uncompromising struggle and…

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Basketball 3 on 3: the official rules of the game briefly
Basketball 3 on 3 is a team sport, implying a confrontation between two teams. Fights are held on 1/2 of the standard basketball court. A mandatory requirement is the presence…

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Aikido: official game rules briefly
Aikido is a modern complex of Japanese spiritual and physical practices, invented by master Ueshiba as a synthesis of martial arts, religious beliefs and philosophy. The name of this discipline consists…

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National Basketball League

NBA (NBA) is considered the main national tournament in the world. Represents the men’s professional league of North America, in which the best basketball clubs of the USA and Canada participate. The NBA is in the TOP 4 professional sports leagues in North America (NHL, NFL, Major League Baseball) and is widely covered by hundreds of television channels around the world.

The league was formed in 1946 under the name “Basketball Association of America”, but was subsequently expanded and renamed the NBA. League headquarters are based in New York in the Olympic Power Building. Since 2004, the tournament has included 30 teams, which are geographically divided into Western and Eastern conferences. In turn, each conference consists of 3 divisions of 5 clubs. First, the teams play the regular season, and then reveal the best in the playoff rounds:

Regular season.
The first stage of the NBA championship lasts 171 days. The season begins in early October. For 171 days, each team plays 82 matches, that is, approximately every other day. Such a density of games often leads to injuries to basketball players, but the organizers do not depart from the usual format due to the financial side of the issue (television rights, advertising, etc.).

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During the regular season, each club plays 4 matches against rivals in the division, 4 matches against 6 teams of its conference, 3 matches against the remaining 4 clubs of its conference and 2 games with each team from the opposite conference. The season calendar is based on the results of the previous one and the wishes of the team management. Moreover, matches can be held even on Christmas holidays.

In February, the regular season takes a short break for a stellar weekend. For several days, the League organizes various near-basketball competitions, and completes the festive program of events of the NBA Star Match.

The relegation stage begins at the end of April. The 8 best teams from each conference take part in the playoffs. At the same time, the first 4 places of the conference are won by 3 division winners and the best team in the regular season wins. The remaining 4 places for this conference go to the teams with the best difference between wins and losses.

A pair of teams reveals the winner in a series of matches up to 4 victories. Theoretically, a series of confrontations may include from 4 to 7 games. The advantage of the home site is the team with the highest win rate. Until the semi-finals, only rivals from their conference can meet in one branch of the tournament grid. Semifinals reveal the winner of the conference, and the Grand Final helps determine the best NBA team out of all announced for the season.

Euroleague draw
Euroleague is Europe’s leading basketball tournament for men’s club teams. Only representatives of countries included in the European structure of FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) can participate in it. The name of the tournament may vary depending on the sponsorship contract, for example, Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Euroleague matches are broadcast in more than 200 countries.

Only clubs that have received a long-term license based on the Euroleague club rating can take part in the tournament. The championships in national championships, victories in Eurocups and other achievements are taken into account.

The Euroleague draw consists of 3 stages:

Regular season.
It is attended by 16 teams, which are assembled in one group. The grid is simple: each team plays one match at home and away with each opponent from the table (30 matches in total). The games of this Eurocup tournament are held according to a special calendar, approximately 3-4 rounds per month (on weekdays). According to the results of the regular season, 8 best teams are determined that automatically enter the playoff round.

Quarter finals.
The first round of a tournament at a retirement consists of 4 pairs. The first place is played with the eighth, the second with the seventh, the third with the sixth, the fourth with the fifth. The advantage of the home site is given to the team that took the highest place at the previous stage. A series of matches is played up to 3 wins. Winners of the pairs go to the Final Four.

Final Four.
The final stage of the Euroleague is held according to the Olympic system in one stadium for 2 days. On the first day, semi-finals are played, on the second – a match for 3rd place and the main final. At each stage, teams conduct one face-to-face meeting.

International national tournaments
The most significant tournaments among national basketball teams include:

World Championship.
This is the most rated and prestigious tournament for national teams, which takes place under the auspices of FIBA. A World Cup is held every 4 years among men’s teams. The debut draw of the championship took place in 1950 in Buenos Aires and gathered under its banners only 10 teams. The winner of that tournament was the team of Argentina, which managed to defeat the powerful US team in a bitter struggle. Since 1953, once every 4 years, a women’s basketball World Cup has been held. The first world champions were American.

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